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Share by QR-Code!

QR-Code Business Cards: Share Your Data with 2D Barcodes!

Create your 2D code business cards with this free online generator! Choose one of the business card templates below, enter your contact data and print the generated PDF document. Then scan the 2D code on the business card with your smartphone. VOILA - you will never need to key in contacts or URLs manually! Most camera-equipped smart phones or tablets are able to decode the 2D codes on these bizcards. MeCard and vCard business cards with DataMatrix or QR-Code can be created on this page, to generate 2D barcodes without any artwork visit the online barcode generator. See below for more information and terms of service.

  1. Choose a business-card template (on the right)
  2. Enter your data (below)
  3. Generate a PDF
  4. Print your business-card (PDF).

Good to Know

Just choose one of the pre-defined business card templates above. If you wish to use your own layout, create it with the label and reporting software TFORMer Designer. Download the free demo version for this purpose. When finished, email us the generated layout file (TFF). You will be notified after your business card design is available online. To use your own company logo make sure it is available online and specify the URL to the image.

How Does it Work?

This business card generator utilizes the label printing and reporting software TFORMer. This multi-purpose output solution includes a visual label and report designer (TFORMer Designer) and a SDK for automation purposes (TFORMer SDK). Highlights: easy-to-use barcode label layout editor with rich text and Unicode support, scripting, integrated barcode generator, fast manual data entry, database connectivity, serial numbers, cross-platform, direct printing as well as PDF-, PostScript-, ZPL-, HTML-, and image output. Learn more: barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer.

Free Barcode Tools

Free Online Barcode Generator

Create free barcodes online! Generate, embed or download all linear barcodes, 2D codes, GS1 DataBar and postal barcodes.

Barcode Label Generator

Generate barcode labels and industry forms like VDA 4902, AIAG, MAT Labels, etc. Try the FREE Online Barcode Label Generator and print your labels immediately!

QR-Code Business Cards

Create 2D code business cards readable with most smartphones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android...): QR-Code Business Card Generator. Have fun!

TEC-IT Software

Barcode Generator

Microsoft Windows: Word Barcode Add-in, Excel Barcode Add-in, Barcode ActiveX, Barcode OCX,
Barcode DLL, Barcode .NET, Barcode Maker
Linux, Unix, Mac OS X: Barcode Library, Barcode Maker
SAP ERP systems: SAP Barcode DLL, Barcode Printing without Middleware

Label Printing and Report Generator

Microsoft Windows: Label Printing Software, Reporting Software, Reporting SDK
Linux, Unix, Mac OS X: Reporting SDK

Data Acquisition

Microsoft Windows: Software Wedge, Data Acquisition ActiveX Control
Windows Mobile / CE: Mobile Data Acquisition
Android: Bluetooth Data Acquisition Software

Terms of Service: This application as well as the generated output are intended solely for non-commercial and/or private use. The use is permitted only for legal purposes and according to the valid national or international regulations. The functionality and/or uninterrupted availability of this free service can’t be guaranteed. Commercial use and/or so-called “deep linking” are only permitted after approved by TEC-IT in writing. Additional information: Legal conditions and privacy.

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